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Canberra Bariatric is Canberra's leading Specialist Centre for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.
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For nearly 20 years, our focus has been restoring health through the long-term management of the chronic disease of obesity.

We offer Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery performed by our experienced Surgeons and supported by our team of Dietitians, Bariatricians, Practice Nurse and Administration Staff.

About us

Canberra Bariatric is a multidisciplinary clinic focused on the long term management of obesity and diabetes. Meet our team of Surgeons, Dietitians, Bariatricians, Nurses and Support Staff.

Treatment Options

Learn more about obesity and the long term effects on your health. What are the options for surgical treatment of obesity?

Patient Journey

Find out what is involved in visiting our clinic and having bariatric surgery. Follow our step by step guide to the process at Canberra Bariatric.

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